Donation – Please have your donation ready immediately and place on the counter as you enter my home. Once you have done so excuse yourself to use the bathroom to wash your hands and clean up in any way that you might wish or need to. If we meet in a public setting, a gift bag is the perfect way of receiving the donation. Donations are non-negotiable, so please have the correct donation. If you think that, you may possibly like to extend our time together or go past our scheduled time, please have extra…just in case!

Being on Time – I allow myself as much time as I need to prepare for your arrival. If you were to arrive earlier than planned, I may not be ready and you having to wait is not fun for either of us. Being late…could pose a problem if either of us has other things going on…let us do not rush our time together. With that said, please do call if you are running late, so I can plan accordingly.

Behavioral Issues – I know this is not high school, but seriously, please do not act in a manner that proves me wrong. Excessive alcohol consumption and/or recreational drugs are not my idea of fun and enjoyment. Our time together – will end!

“Off-the-Clock” – The time we spend together is wonderful which I truly enjoy however, meeting without compensation is not an option.

Contact – Blocked calls…not answered! Vulgar texts…not answered! I prefer our initial contact be via email or a PM on any local boards. Once we have established initial contact and have scheduled a time to meet, I will give further instructions for our meeting via phone, text, or email. Please do not expect to receive location information earlier than needed to arrive.

Cancellations – If you find you may need to cancel our time together, please give me as much notice as you possibly can. Our scheduled time together is dedicated to you and me enjoying each other’s company and is highly valued. If you are a “no-show,” any further considerations of time together are no longer available.

Personal Hygiene – I will always be freshly showered and ready for our time together. If you find that you do not have that option prior to our meeting, you will find the bathroom will have most anything you might need. Unless requested, no perfume is used.

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